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Articles submitted for review at this time will be considered for Volume 25, No. 2 (August, 2015) issue. All new submissions for Volume 25 should be directed as queries to the publications editor, Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed ( Instructions will be provided for submitting new material at Maney Publishing, the new host forThe Journal of Pastoral Theology, beginning in 2015.

The next issue, Volume 24, No. 2 (December, 2014) published here, will feature proceedings from the Society's annual meeting, "Pastoral Theological Engagements with Positive Psychology," which took place in June, 2014.

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Vol 24, No 1 (2014)

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Table of Contents


Editorial Volume 24, Number 1 Editorial
  i-iv, 1.1 - 1.2


Asian American Women’s Agency and Postcolonial Theory Lee Article
Insook Lee 2.1-2.18
Toward a Pastoral Theological Phenomenology: Constructing a Reflexive and Relational Phenomenological Method from a Postcolonial Perspective Park Article
Hee-Kyu Heidi Park 3.2-3.21
Culture of War, Violence and Sexual Assault in the Military: an Ethic of Compromise? Acolatse Article
Esther Acolatse 4.1-4.29

Book and Movie Reviews

Review of Redeeming Fear: A Constructive Theology for Living into Hope by Jason C. Whitehead HOGUE BOOK REVIEW
David Hogue 5.1-5.4
Review of Practicing Care in Rural Congregations and Communities by Jeanne Hoeft, L. Shannon Jung, Joretta Marshall Justes Book Review
Emma Justes 6.1-6.3
Review of Missing Us: Re-Visioning Psychoanalysis From the Perspective of Community by Ryan LaMothe Nyengele Book Review
Fulgence Nyengele 7.1-7.4
Review of Varieties of Personal Theology: Charting the Beliefs and Values of American Young Adults by David T. Gortner WRIGHT BOOK REVIEW
Almeda Wright 8.1-8.5
Review of Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy by Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Mansur Ali, Stephen Pattison Yuskaev Book Review
Timur Yuskaev 9.1-9.5

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